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How Much Are My Minerals Worth?

Prices will vary depending on many factors. Mineral owners with producing minerals who decide to sell their mineral rights can usually expect to get between 36 and 72 times the average of their monthly income over the past six months. This is only a rule-of-thumb and the price received will vary within this range and beyond depending on such things as the production history, the number of wells and their age, the proximity to other production, future drilling expectancy, the operator, concentration risk, current governmental policy and taxation laws, and oil and gas prices.

The "acreage to production" factor can also play a role in pricing, as in cases where a large amount of mineral rights in a unit are owned, but the production is minimal. In such cases, a fair buyer would consider the amount of acreage involved rather than just the income, and would add value for the fact that the property is large, albeit with minimal production. This pricing method gets more play when the wells are fairly old and production is therefore minimal, but the probability of new and possibly better wells being drilled, perhaps with new technology, is fairly good.

Many of the criteria used to evaluate producing properties are also taken into consideration when evaluating non-producing or unleashed mineral properties, though current lease bonus amounts in the immediate area are also considered, as well as whether the non-producing property is currently leased or has been leased much in the past.